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From the moment she was born, all who saw Sedna knew that she possessed a strange abundance of vitality. Her mother predicted that she would one day become the tribe's angakkuq, or spiritual caretaker. The tribe's current angakkuq, named Koomuk, overheard this proclamation and looked with suspicion upon the girl, for he did not intend to step down from his high position among the Elders.



At the very beginning Sedna is super weak and should stay towards the back to avoid being targeted. Focus on healing allies. Use pounce to get that last bit of damage in. If you are in trouble don't hesitate to either silence then heal or start your heal, the sooner the better. Warn your allies that you have to heal yourself so they don't overextend expecting a heal.

Whenever I am low mana I IMMEDIATELY run to the back of the line and hit my Heart of Life and try to heal whoever I can while it's active without getting hit by anything. I figure it has a short cooldown so you should be using this between every Demigod engagement.

Most of the time I sit in the back and let the heavy DPS guys go to work on the target while watching for heals or good silence opportunities. Once I level up and can tank a bit I'll start charging in without tank backup.

Spell Usage:

Pounce has a really short cooldown, so if you have full mana you should spam Pounce as much as possible while still healing allies and not getting too deep in the shit such that you get your shit pushed in.

Heal is broken as in fucking lame. Sometimes when you click your heal spell she sits there in a stupor. When this happens you have to MOVE from that position and re-heal. Yeah I know, it's lame. But get used to it! When you have the Heal spell up only ally demigods, minions and yourself highlight. Ally demigods highlight GREEN and you highlight LIGHT BLUE. This is nice if you are behind a structure and can't see yourself very good you can still target yourself pretty easily. Also, when I am in healer mode I sit in the back and click my heal hotkey to bring it up and constantly scan over ally demigods to check their health. I cancel and re-click the spell every 5 seconds or so to avoid the cursor to time out on me.

Silence, if you look closely, cast in the same range as her little wind aura that blows around her. So if you are paying attention you can see if they are in silence range without hovering over the spell. Silence is an auto AoE cast and doesn't last very long. I try to use this to a) prevent heals or teleports, b] prevent being interrupted on a heal and c) when she has items to charge in and silence as many people as possible to start a fight.

Remeber her heal is fucked! Sometimes for no apparent reason when you cast heal and click on someone she will sit there and do nothing so you have to MOVE HER FROM THAT SPOT and cast heal again. This was annoying to begin with but I got used to it and I usually right-click spam movement until I see the heal cast.


Health 1600 (+115/Lv)
Regen 2.82 (+0.288/Lv)
Armor 380 (+22/Lv)
Mana 884 (+100/Lv)
Regen 2.76 (+0.303/Lv)
Damage 155 (+10/Lv)
Rate 0.67 (+0.00917/Lv)
Range Melee
Speed 6.0


Health 810 (+300/Horn of the Yeti Lv)
Armor 0
Speed 6
Damage 30 (+7/Horn of the Yeti Lv)
Rate 0.6
Range 3 (Melee)



  • Pounce I (1), II (4), III (7), IV (10)
    使用マナ:400/525/650/775 範囲:短かい
    キャスト:0.3秒 クールダウン:7秒

  • Inspiring Roar (15+Pounce IV)

  • Inner Grace I (2), II (5), III (8)

    +5%/+10%/+15% 移動速度

    +10/+15/+20 ヘルス回復/秒

  • Horn of the Yeti I (1), II (4), III (7), IV (10)
    キャスト:0.5秒 クールダウン:7秒
    1キャスト毎の召還数: 1/2/2/4
    各レベルごとの最大数: 2/2/4/4

  • Wild Swings (15+Horn of the Yeti IV)

  • Healing Wind I (2), II (5)

    +12/24 ヘルス回復/秒

  • Counter Healing (8+Healing Wind II)

  • Silence I (5), II (10), III (15)
    使用マナ: 800/900/1000
    クールダウン: 15秒

  • Heal I (1), II (4), III (7), IV (10)
    使用マナ:375/500/625/750 範囲:普通
    キャスト:0.5秒 クールダウン:7秒
    Heal IIIとIVは加えて味方にかかってるマイナス効果も打ち消す。
    Heal IVは加えて近くの敵に200ダメージを与える。

  • Life’s Child (15+Heal IV)

  • Magnificent Presence I (5), II (10), III (15)

    +100/+150/+200 ミニオンヘルス

    +5%/+10%/+15% ミニオン攻撃速度

  • Morale I (2), II (4), III (6), IV (8), V (10), VI (15)

    +50 ヘルス

    +0.5 ヘルス回復/秒

    +2% 攻撃速度

    +50 アーマー

    +4 武器ダメージ